Frontier is in the middle of an infrastructure build-out called “Building Gigabit America”.

This involves the installation of brand new, high-speed fiber optics in Pennsylvania and other areas, with the goal of providing high-speed “Fiber to the Home” to 10 million households and businesses by the end of 2025.

As part of that build-out, we are installing new Fiber Optic cabling all over Luzerne County, including in Butler Township. Much of that build-out is being done underground, using sophisticated horizontal boring machines, which is why you’ve been seeing all those trucks and heavy equipment in your area lately.

By installing underground as much as possible, we can greatly minimize the surface disruptions, and except for a few plastic boxes that are mounted flush with the ground, and the occasional metal cabinet attached to a telephone pole, you won’t even see the infrastructure once the work is complete.

Naturally, we always try to minimize any disruptions, work as safely as possible, and make a real effort to restore any surface areas we disturb. Good relations with the communities we serve are important to us and we try hard to keep it that way.

Eric Scher
Frontier Project Manager